The comparison of advertising and promotion and there effect

We can think of promotion as a form of advertising or we could view it as synonymous with each other. We might not know the correct and specific things that make them different from each other. That is why through this article, we will see what are the similarities and differences between the two. They had been implemented or used as a method of promoting a product. Not just the product but it could be the whole company that was to be advertised. Here is the infographic for the differences.

The infographic provides a clear description of the advertising and promotion. One of the difference is in terms f the time. Advertising would be for the long run but promotion is only for a certain time. The result of advertising is slow and the promotion is soon. It drives the increased of sales and it could be seen or felt faster but the advertising takes time with this best agency for travel more from this page 泰雅. It also builds the brand not just for the increase in the sales.

The use of promotion is to let potential and present customers have something that will lead them to purchase a product like tryouts of products or free taste. They could also give samples of products in smaller sizes that encourage people to go there are then buy something. One disadvantage of advertising is that it could be expensive but promotion is not that expensive over this travel company 台胞證 代辦. It could also depend on how much are the giveaways or discounts that are expected to be availed.